When you purchase your product, register on our website page www.guartela.com.br/extended-guarantee, and begin to enjoy our guarantee for a 30-month-period from the date of purchase

If you need to claim on your guarantee please send an email to contato@whitelake.com.br, informing the generated protocol registration number and receipt number, and detail your requirements.

Our technicians will evaluate your claim and, if necessary, send a post code for you to send us your product.

Our technicians will evaluate the product on arrival and if a manufacturing defect is found, you will be informed as to when the repair will be completed.

To finish the process, you will receive your product at home, at the previously registered address.

Simply complete the registration form below and make the most of the Guartela 30-month-extended guarantee against manufacturing defects.

Remember that you must register the product code of your Guartela. It is located on the packaging label, EAC: XXXX

The time limit for registering your Guartela extended guarantee is six months from the date of purchase, which is exactly the time that your boots are protected by the standard six-month guarantee. So, register as soon as possible to ensure that your Guartela is protected for much longer.

Register and make the most of it.

NOTE - The extended guarantee will lose effect in the event of accidents, misuse, wear and tear, use of inappropriate products for leather, absence of receipt or services carried out by third parties



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