What is "Dry system"?

Technology developed on a polymer base, which forms a layer and through open cell hydrophilic micro-filaments and the sealing of seams by hot melt, seals off from water molecule penetration, while allowing the escape of steam generated by body perspiration.


What is waterproof footwear?

They are shoes where the leather is water repellent and have the main feature of preventing the absorption and penetration of water, however, this resistance is for an unlimited period of time.


What is the difference between DRY and a rubber boot?

Boots with dry technology are waterproof and breathable, designed for use in multiple environments (water, heat, cold) therefore the system is smart and appropriate for a variety of uses. Rubber or PVC boots are waterproof and form a solid layer of closed cells i.e. are suitable for use during an unlimited time and immersed in water, they do not allow breathing.


What is a water repellent leather?

Leather which has gone under treatment with a vegetable oil component, that penetrates into the fibre making it impossible to retain water and not allowi water to penetrate for a certain amount of time.


What are the advantages of using EVA?

Lightness, durability, flexibility, thermal / electrical insulation and great cushioning power, therefore often used to provide comfort.


Why do shoes cause blisters?

More than often, shoes are worn in a larger size than the foot measurement and not properly adjusted by the laces; this produces a lot of movement between the foot and the structure of the shoe, causing injuries to these spots.


How should we try on a shoe?

If possible, after walking or standing for a while because physically, circulation will be concentrated in the feet and may alter the internal space occupied. Then put on the shoes, adjust them and walk a little.


Should I buy the boot in a larger size?

Usually not, the fact is that the anthropometric measurements of the feet are very variable, therefore, shoe manufacturers have different characteristics in their molds, it is ideal to try them on before purchasing.


Can I break boots in by wearing them?

Yes, despite being manufactured in technological material, softer day by day, the feet have unique characteristics and will adapt to the boots and this is called breaking them in.


Can wax be applied onto nubuck leather?

No, there is a specific product for nubuck renovation and conservation, wax or shoe polish can change the properties of the product.


What is the sole lifespan?

It depends heavily on the usage situation and the individual's walking or running characteristics, however, a high performance sole, under safe conditions, will resist for 1000 km.