Guartela is a brand that has positioned itself in developing high performance boots recommended for use by special tactical groups, military and police-force when facing hazardous situations such as search and rescue operations, descent maneuvers on walls, uneven terrain, rocky and smooth trails, all of which requires that having reliable footwear is essential.

Quality policy

  •                                 To produce high performance footwear that meets the specifications set by customers;
  •                                 To develop technology that improves the performance of footwear for different usage requirements;
  •                                 To produce footwear under processes and procedures that ensure quality, comfort and durability.

 Service and Warranty

Guartela guaranties its products against manufacturing defects for up to 180 days from the date of purchase.
The warranty does not cover defects arising from wear and damage caused by accidents, misuse or use of inappropriate chemical and organic products. Services performed by third parties without prior authorization from the factory, can result in loss of warranty.

If there is a defect.that is covered by the warranty, you must fill out, print and send the warranty form with the footwear, together with a copy of proof of purchase.


When your Guartela needs repairs, you can send them in to be resoled by our Technical Assistance.The insoles, laces, rubber sides and soles will be changed for and the leather will be moisturized. This service is charged separately. Do not wait until your Guartelá is too damaged, as it may  make it impossible to resole the item as well as affecting your health and your safety.

Shoelaces and insoles

Internal insoles and laces, generally have a shorter life than the rest of the shoe components and can be purchased separately.

For more information please contact the email contato@whitelake.com.br