Gore-Tex is a membrane-based microporous technology that has great properties of impermeability, breathability and strength, providing better protection, comfort and durability in the tactical products used in high-demand operations.


Italian technology soles with rubber mass and special compounds. Today, it is the most renowned manufacturer of soles in the world.


3 layers responsible for structuring, padding and microclimate. The joining of the layers provides elevation of the comfort indexes.


Technology based on microcapsules Polymer coated PCMs responsible for phase change and temperature control.


Technological system with highly elastic membrane stockings made of a special non-porous polyester and sealed with hot-melt tape.


Integrated system fabric Sanitec technology, reinforced with open cell random needle needles for better resistance.


Technology developed based on non-metallic polymeric resin capable of protecting the user against any type of piercing object


Leather with hydrofugation system based on fatty oils that is inserted into the leather fiber during its treatment to modify the molecular structure.

Maxx Cold

Leather with physico-chemical additive-based technology inserted in the leather treatment and prevents the material from absorbing warmer lights.


High-tech microfiber, made of multilayer polyamide microfilaments and flat polymeric finish, impermeable, high-resistance mechanical resistance and against contaminating liquid agents, light and flexible.

Confort Fit

Comfort insole on Urethane base with anatomical shape and regular fit system for better distribution of walking.


Technology that results in a product of the highest quality and the most advanced performance.